Late Post

hello everyone ! long time havent update anything in here eh ?

i have been so busy lately. in a week, i can say that there’s only one day for me to have a rest day: saturday.

monday until friday are my college days. sunday and thursday i have work. yeah..finally i got a part time job to be a private english teacher ! πŸ˜€

well..i know that my english is not extremely weel for now but i dont want to lost this chance. however..i’ll always learn and improve my english skill. i realized that the best way to learn is by always practicing it and through this job..i can practice my english especially in teaching ^^

actually..i was so nervous at the first time. i have never taught other people before–except my little cousins and my friends–but this time i should teach a person that i really dont know. before..i wonder..hows this person ? will she be nice to me ? will she like my way of teaching ? how to teach her ? where should i start it ? etc etc. but all the questions and doubts disappear after i met her for real. she’s older than me but she’s really friendly and welcome to me and i think we soon can be a good friend πŸ˜€

and for the first time..i realized: how happy it is to have work. how happy it is to know that i’ll have my own money. how happy it is to know that finally i can help my parents. (^-^)

btw a few weeks ago..i got sick. maybe because of too tired. as i told before..this semester is really tiring. assigments everyday -_- leave home at the morning and back home at the night like a worker .-. it’s also because the distance of my home and my campus is so far… sometimes i wanna try to live at the boarding house near my campus but there’s always a reason which make me cancel it. i think..i’ll go on to be like this. (~.~)

however..i realized that i have to always feel grateful. there’s so many people out there who doesnt get a chance like me. i love my life anyway (eventhough sometimes i said that my life is suck -_-)..i know that im lucky πŸ™‚

p/s: nowadays i feel not confident with my english. after became an english department student, i always feel something like i have a responsibility to use english well. but like u see..maybe there’s grammatical error everywhere on my posts :p:( dont worry..i’ll always learn and learn ><


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