Tomorrow’s Way

when i feel like sick of everything, when i feel like unwanted, when the sad and the loneliness feeling come to me, i just want to runaway.
i want to runaway to a far far place that no one know about me. a place where i can just be myself and do everything that i want without mind what others think about me, a place where i can just sit by myself and just accompanied by the winds, the rains, and anything that cant hurt me for sure.
maybe it sounds like a coward, but everybody have felt the same way, right? everybody surely got that kind of feeling, when they just want to forget anything that hurt them and search for a peace.
but it’s all just in my mind, i cant go to that kind of place–i dont know where is it. it’s ok. sometimes just hanging around by myself, go to a library or bookstore and reading all day, sitting in the bus, looking the outside from the bus window, accompanied by Taylor Swift or YUI’s songs for two hours—in my way to go and back from campus—is enough 🙂

Tomorrow’s Way


i want to destroy the moment
i want to cling to the moment
i dont understand my self

of course i cant do it over
even when i try to hide in an unfamiliar town,
i just think about the present going on outside my window

i want to runaway from my impulses
but before i can, my excuses get in the way

if i follow my shattered memories
i cant even go back to that time
like a child one day

i was born to live up to
the universe i imagined as a child
im a baby, i want to cry
the pain it takes to get it, is so good

then if life is a battle,
we cant help whether we win or lose
that much i know…

my heart is pounding out of control
from running towards tomorrow
from the shock that made me want to cry

i want to live a straight life
i just want to live a straight life
like that child one day

i dont want to stumble over someone’s words
i dont want to be led astray

tomorrrow, too, will surely sparkle
it doesnt matter if i cant go back to my childhood days
im scared of tomorrow’s way of my life
but im standing in a path
i cant go back down