Triple Alice In Bandung-Land (?) Lol

i’ve already told ya about my holidays in Bandung in the previous post. now im just going to upload some pics that me and my bestfriends took in there. such a crazy time. we took looots of pics like we’re a model hhahaha. i knew maybe they’ll mad at me if i upload their pics but i cant help… these pics are just too cute to be kept alone lols :p

so, instead of upload all of these pics in FB or anywhere, i prefer to upload it in my blog. not many people knows about this blog anyway 🙂 im so rare to upload pics on blog, so this time just let me do this eh? 😀
















this is just SOME of the pics. still have many pics but i think it’s enough already. i dont want to hurt ur eyes because of too much seeing our pictures btw, lol xD

p/s: im the one in the middle, my hair looks so messy in there, right? -..-


14 thoughts on “Triple Alice In Bandung-Land (?) Lol

  1. Well, darn it anyway. Try to still make time for goofing around with your friends. You can still have fun while continuing your studies or whatever it is you’re doing. Take care and I look forward to following your blog. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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    • Well, it sounds like you have more good days, than bad. I know everyone has bad days, but some of us have lots of bad days due to chronic illness and the loss of loved ones. I hope you keep having more “up” days, and yes that’s just life, and sometimes it’s really good and sometimes it really sucks 🙂 big smile back attcha. I don’t know how all you people make those hearts, so xxxxxxx 🙂

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      • ah not really. my sentence before is just a kind of hope. a hope to having more good days instead of bad days >.< eventhough sometimes i said that my life is suck..i know that im lucky. and im sure everyone also like that. they have the good and the bad things in their a different way 🙂

        thankyou..i hope so for u too! xxxxxxxxx 😀


      • Sorry to hear that. We can always hope and dream, right? Maybe one day, both of us will find more “good” days than “bad.” I’ll keep you in my prayers. Take care.
        Peace and HUGS, my friend. 🙂 xxxxxxxxxx


      • OOPS! Okay, no sorry, you are so right. Hope you had a good day or are having a good day, wherever you are. It’s time for me to get to sleep. Only got 3 hours of sleep last night and I am about to drop and have to get up early in the morning for an appointment. Sigh……………
        Take care, my dear friend xxxxxx 🙂


      • hhaha yeah’re also so right 😀

        it’s good to know that u can sleep well now (eventhough just for a few hours). my sleep time also just about 3-5 hours or even just 2 hours if i have to finish my assigments and have to go to class in the early morning -_- lol

        take care there 😉


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