Stressed Out.

I’m so stressed out. I don’t want to say “I don’t know why” because I actually know why, I just can’t describe it well enough.

Will you be patient to hear me and interpret what I am about to say by yourself?

Okay, here is the situation:

I have so much things to do–so much works need to be done, yet the other things are keep distracting me. And that “other things” on the other side, also the things that I have to do.

Okay, let you leave this post if you’re starting to get confused (hhaha)…

Maybe my problem is: sorting my priority. What I have to do first, and next.

In the other side also, I want to be free. I want to read books, I want to watch movies, I want to write stories again, I want to go travel, and blah–all I want is an escape T_T

I know that I have to focus to do it all, if I want it to be done soon. But then again > I have the other things that keep distracting me to get focus!

Maybe I need to escape, okay not an escape to be free (for now), but an escape to be focus…