A Terrible Writer, Me?

I feel like a very terrible writer, I don’t even know if myself is worth to be called as ‘a writer’ anymore 😦 because for me, a writer is not just about “oh yes, I can write!” (if so, everyone–even a kid–can call themselves as ‘a writer’), but also about how is the result of the writing and how do you put your time to do such thing you said is very passionate about: writing. I barely write a story now, not like the old days. And when I do, I don’t feel like it’s satisfying, like “what kind of writing is this?! -_-“. I don’t know whyyy, is it just myself?

Recently, I wrote a story and published it on wattpad (my wattpad username is sunnycherryy, btw), then I gave the link for my friend to read but she said she don’t get it. I don’t know if now my writing skill is that bad, or it’s just a matter of ‘taste’. Everyone has a different taste of something, rite?

Tbh, I feel bad 😦 it’s not that I don’t get used on critics, honestly I’ve got the worst critics back then, but it’s okay, I even felt happy (because then I can learn from it). But now it’s more like… even myself is agree if my writing is nothing…

I miss the old days, when in a week I can produce even more than 3 stories 😡 where is it nauuu? Where is the spirittt? -.-

Anyway, go visit my kemudian account (www.kemudian.com) with the username ‘cherryblossoms’, if you curious about my writing back then, or visit my wattpad with the username I’ve mentioned before. And if you don’t mind, can you tell me your opinion of it?