​I guess I really can’t ever be angry to anyone. Although they hurt me, I’ll always think of the reason to forgive them. I may not want to talk with them and avoid them–only if I have to. But I won’t abandon people as long as I don’t have a reasonable thought to do so. And that’s why I always wonder why some people find it hard to do. Why so easy for them to leave people. And how can people just go and not be there anymore.

Sometimes, I want to be the one who’s angry. To be mad right back at people who’s mad at me. But instead of mad at them who can’t understand me (although I try so much to understand them), I’ll just always blame and blame myself. I blame myself for what people do to me. I mind other’s mind and feeling too much sometimes I forget that I also have a heart to be cared of.

Fvck it off. I’m doing the best I can to bring the best version of me. If they can’t see that, it should be their problem and not mine, right? People don’t have to like me, and I don’t have to care, right?

But that’s just a thought.

In fact, I’ll just always be a person who care too much. If not, I won’t be thinking about this until bother my time to write it in here.

Well, so much feeling huh 🙂

Please don’t hurt them.

I can’t do this. I’m so weak at watching sad animal (sad people too) ((sad-anything, tho)) videos 😭. I’ll cry even before the video reach the climax yet…or at least…there’s an ache in my heart when watching it 😭

Mostly, it’s about dogs. I don’t know. Maybe because dog is the most ’emotional’ animal in the world? Yep. You can tell that they have feelings! There are too many proofs for that fact. Example: have you guys ever watched Hachiko? The Japanese dog whose have a statue especially made for him as a mark to respect his faithfulness in waiting his owner, tho his owner would never come back 😭

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Kathelijn (Apresiasi)

Hai, Tuan (apakah betul ini panggilan yang sepadan untuk seseorang yang memanggil ‘Nona’?). Terimakasih untuk apresiasi cerpennya. Baru kali ini diriku mendapatkan komentar atas cerpen yang hampir sepanjang cerpen juga, jujur saja, haha. Jadi, biarkan aku membalasnya di sini karena tidak akan efisien jika komentar seperti ini dibalas di sebuah aplikasi obrolan. Dan lagipula, aku ingin meninggalkan jejak di blog ini bahwa aku telah membuat cerpen berjudul “Kathelijn” tapi terlalu malas untuk memperlihatkannya pada khalayak. Bukan karena tidak percaya diri (mereka bisa bebas membaca cerpen-cerpenku yang lain) tapi aku hanya ingin menunjukannya pada orang yang akan benar-benar memberikan apresiasi saja (:p)

Komentarmu pedas tapi sebenarnya…aku tidak terkejut, sih. Dirimu memang selalu pedas jika memberikan komentar, kenapa tidak menjadi seorang kritikus saja, eh? (:D). Pedas tapi tidak menjatuhkan, itu yang kusuka. Melalui komentar pedasmu itu kau justru ingin membangun, begitu yang kulihat. Tidak heran jika aku selalu senang untuk memperlihatkan tulisanku dan meminta pendapatmu, wahai Tuan Senior.

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Drifted apart.


If I play back the old memories, to the years and months and days we spent together, I can’t believe what’s between us, today. A wall, a great great wall. I still don’t understand who built it. If not you, not me, and it can’t be others, too, so who?

You said it’s all my fault that you became like this, for you to say that you forgave me but we can’t be like what we used to be. I’m so tired of telling you that I didn’t mean any of the things you accused to me. But I’m still sorry. You’re missunderstood with me, yet you said it’s not like that. So what?

Because no matter what you said, you’re still missunderstood with me because you believe that me…your bestfriend…could be bad to you…my bestfriend. After all the times we had together, you really believe I’m that kind of person?

You now say that I know nothing about you. Did you forget that we used to talk almost everytime and about almost everything? I’m that bestfriend you used to need when you wanted to cry or smile. And you’re the bestfriend that used to always listen all of my thoughts and feelings. Do you know nothing about me?

It’s not because I don’t know you that I can’t understand your reason. It’s because you’re my bestfriend that I can’t believe we have to be like this.

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Portal Pembanding Asuransi Online, Cekpremi.com

Oke, agak keluar jalur dari postingan aku yang biasanya di blog ini, kali ini aku mau tulis soal review. Bukan review film atau review buku, tapi review soal salah satu layanan asuransi dari apa yang kerap disebut sebagai Portal Pembanding Asuransi, khususnya Cekpremi.com.

Apa sih yang dimaksud dengan portal pembanding asuransi itu?

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