Drifted apart.


If I play back the old memories, to the years and months and days we spent together, I can’t believe what’s between us, today. A wall, a great great wall. I still don’t understand who built it. If not you, not me, and it can’t be others, too, so who?

You said it’s all my fault that you became like this, for you to say that you forgave me but we can’t be like what we used to be. I’m so tired of telling you that I didn’t mean any of the things you accused to me. But I’m still sorry. You’re missunderstood with me, yet you said it’s not like that. So what?

Because no matter what you said, you’re still missunderstood with me because you believe that me…your bestfriend…could be bad to you…my bestfriend. After all the times we had together, you really believe I’m that kind of person?

You now say that I know nothing about you. Did you forget that we used to talk almost everytime and about almost everything? I’m that bestfriend you used to need when you wanted to cry or smile. And you’re the bestfriend that used to always listen all of my thoughts and feelings. Do you know nothing about me?

It’s not because I don’t know you that I can’t understand your reason. It’s because you’re my bestfriend that I can’t believe we have to be like this.


You don’t understand. How many times do I have to tell you? It’s not a missunderstanding. I’m disappointed. And I just feel like I don’t fit in anymore.

I sacrificed many things to you. And I disappointed when you said something like you can do fine without any of my help. I didn’t count things I gave to you, I’m feeling used.

You never knew me anyway, cause you can’t understand my reason here.

You have a really good life. Don’t ask more to God. I’m just so done with you.

Yes, you’re my bestfriend. Used to. Yes, we’re still friend, but don’t ask me to be back like before again. Don’t talk to me anymore. I don’t have much time to listen to your story cause I don’t like to be in dramatically things.

Maybe, too. It’s because you’re my bestfriend that it’s so hard to just let go of what happened to us and be back like what we used to be.


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