Please don’t hurt them.

I can’t do this. I’m so weak at watching sad animal (sad people too) ((sad-anything, tho)) videos 😭. I’ll cry even before the video reach the climax yet…or at least…there’s an ache in my heart when watching it 😭

Mostly, it’s about dogs. I don’t know. Maybe because dog is the most ’emotional’ animal in the world? Yep. You can tell that they have feelings! There are too many proofs for that fact. Example: have you guys ever watched Hachiko? The Japanese dog whose have a statue especially made for him as a mark to respect his faithfulness in waiting his owner, tho his owner would never come back 😭

image source: instagram

Not only the bonds between pet and the owner but anything that shows their feeling:

A street mommy-doggy got a lil food then ran over to give it to her children,

A lonely cat,

image source: google

News about them getting hurt (and most of the times it’s because of human), etc.

I can’t help but feeling hurts too. I know maybe it sounds so exaggerating, but hey, can’t you feel their screams? You can’t hear it cause they can’t talk, oh yeah maybe they can but we–human–just can’t understand their languages. Maybe that’s the saddest thing about animals: sometimes they’re hurting, been so desperately crying for help but no one can hear them, no human can understand. Human can just feel them, and guess about what they really are feeling. And some people just won’t bother to do that.

But I can’t not to care.

There was a time when a friend of mine told me about how some people like to eat dog meat (ofc for non muslim, tho) and I be like “really?!”. She nodded. Told me in addition about how some people keep the dogs just to eat them later… Why so cruel, man??

I always run or hide everytime I see a dog. I’m so afraid of them, yet, I don’t get why some people would like to hurt them. And it’s so unbelievable that some people would like to eat them! Okay, you’re non muslim, and maybe you think dogs are just the same with cows or chickens. But please, they have feelings. How would you feel if you were them? You were happy that some people care for you and gave you food, but then they hurted you. I’m sure the hurts are not only physicly, but mentally too.

I told it to my friend and she said “You’re afraid of them, why are you care with them? They’re animals just like chickens that you used to eat.” (Don’t get her wrong, she is a dog lover and indeed have a dog). And I said, “Because they seems have feeling just as much as us.”.

I feel the same for cows, maybe that’s why I don’t eat them, besides I don’t like their tastes too. I don’t eat meats, except for chicken (and some kind of fishes). I never see a chicken showing a sad face or anything, tho πŸ˜…

It was when we both (me and my friend) walked by a house with some happy dogs playing in front of it (which made me instantly hide behind my friend). Imagining if someday the owner would take their happiness away… It’s just sad.

Just please, let them happy.

image source: 9gag


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