I guess I really can’t ever be angry with anyone. Although they hurt me, I’ll always think of the reason to forgive them. I may not want to talk with them and avoid them–only if I have to. But I won’t abandon people as long as I don’t have a reasonable thought to do so. And that’s why I always wonder why some people find it hard to do. Why so easy for them to leave people. And how can people just go and not be there anymore.

Sometimes, I want to be the one who’s angry. To be mad right back at people who are mad at me. But instead of mad at them who can’t understand me (although I try so much to understand them), I’ll just always blame and blame myself. I blame myself for what people do to me. I mind other’s mind and feeling too much sometimes I forget that I also have a heart to be cared of.

Fvck it off. I’m doing the best I can to bring the best version of me. If they can’t see that, it should be their problem and not mine, right? People don’t have to like me, and I don’t have to care, right?

But that’s just a thought.

In fact, I’ll just always be a person who cares too much. If not, I won’t be thinking about this until bother my time to write it in here.

Well, so much feeling huh šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Why.

  1. My Gossssh kok aku banyak relatenya ya sama karakter kamu. Aku pun orangnya sangat susah cursing or ngomel2 kalo lagi marah. Lebih tepatnya gak suka berdebat, because It’s not necessary to debate with someone who refuse to understand the situation. Yes I can angry, but the way I’m angry is simply silent and making a space with the one who hurt me.

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    • hhahaha we can be a good buddy then šŸ˜ tapi aku bukan tipe orang yg bakal diem aja juga kalo marah, karena beberapa orang gatau letak kesalahannya dimana. so i think it’s best to at least tell them what’s wrong. setelah itu, aku lebih milih menghindari perdebatan juga


      • Because I ever tried it, when I tell them what’s wrong… they remain unchanged to defend themself which led us to having bunches of arguments. I learned that at some point, it’s bcz the basic characteristic of human itself, that don’t want to be attacked or being guilty in front of people. They always managed to find the reason that they are the right one. So instead of having argument, I rather wait for the right timing or when the situation is cooling down, that’s when I try to talk, and usually they will easy to accept words.


      • yep, it’s best to talk when the situation is cooling down, tho. i mean, i just won’t leave them with questions why am i angry


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