What 2019 was for me.

2019 was a clear blue sky after a bad stormy night.

2019 was the sunset that painted with warm and tranquility.

2019 was a night so dark that is thankful of a few stars.

2019 was a falling star, searching for a planet that won’t throw it away.

2019 was a scary haunted house I can’t walk into without a friend, but I stepped in anyway.

2019 was a roller coaster that made my stomach ache, but I enjoy the excitement.

2019 was a ferris wheel on a bright sunny day.

2019 was a song I’ll loudly sing along in a car ride.

2019 was an aeroplane ticket for me to the unknown of dream and reality.

2019 was a station that forced me to go with the train.

2019 was the year I completely healed from a massive heartbreak.

2019 was a rainy day I thought will never stop, but the sun shines after all.