Why do we (I) love Harry Potter?

There was an odd moment when I mentioned one of the most popular and favorite characters in Harry Potter to my boyfriend and he didn’t even have a single clue about who it was.

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Found her (music). It’s like a treasure ❤ Her kind of music really fits me well. I mean, sure I have many favourite singers and songs beside her, but this one… I just lost my words for describing how good and beautiful it is. Not only the voice and the songs are good to hear, but the lyrics are also deep, I can feel her soul in it. And, somehow, I can so relate to it. I love the concepts of a girl wondering in the adventurous world, kinda lonely, asking for help but also brave: that’s what I get from the lyrics and the music videos. Just watch it by yourself, and you’ll see. If you like it and feel something when watching her music videos, then maybe our souls have something in common 🙂

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