A New Age :”>

about 2 hours left until i’ll be officially 19 years old 🙂

idk what am i feeling right now… i’ll grow older ><

19 years old… means this will be my last ‘teen-birthday’..right ?

too excited.

i guess i’ll sleep late again tonight (just like usual) lol.

hello my self at the 19 age. can u be nice please ?

just always be better than before..okay ?

dont too overthinking anymore. dont really mind what others think about u. the important thing is..u must be a nice girl. whatever happened..u should always be ur self.

keep ur smile. ur journey still long. never give up on ur dreams.

do the best to be the best for ur-best-people.

may all ur dreams come true.

happy birthday-my self 🙂


image source: google

sincerely: an 18 years old girl. the old u ♥