The Old Days~

“I’m leaving, I’m leaving, I’m leaving, I think as the train wheels roll along, clackety, clackety, clackety. Forever, I think. Going further and further away from divide and the Glen, and those wonderful summers, and all the people who have come to mean most in my life.

But now it’s turned out I was wrong. What I thought I had gained, being accepted after such a long struggle, seems to have vanished. Even if I were to stop at the next station and get on the next Westbound train, I couldn’t get back. There’s no way.

And where am I going? To college, to James, to New York—Istanbul—the whole world? The future is winter, glittering like ice, and how can I make my way into it? Right now I can only cling to summer’s withering edge.

I lean my forehead against the cool September windowpane. The gold strubble-fields of Kansas roll past, lulling my mind, and letting the memories pour in…”

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Late Post

hello everyone ! long time havent update anything in here eh ?

i have been so busy lately. in a week, i can say that there’s only one day for me to have a rest day: saturday.

monday until friday are my college days. sunday and thursday i have work. yeah..finally i got a part time job to be a private english teacher ! 😀

well..i know that my english is not extremely weel for now but i dont want to lost this chance. however..i’ll always learn and improve my english skill. i realized that the best way to learn is by always practicing it and through this job..i can practice my english especially in teaching ^^

actually..i was so nervous at the first time. i have never taught other people before–except my little cousins and my friends–but this time i should teach a person that i really dont know. before..i wonder..hows this person ? will she be nice to me ? will she like my way of teaching ? how to teach her ? where should i start it ? etc etc. but all the questions and doubts disappear after i met her for real. she’s older than me but she’s really friendly and welcome to me and i think we soon can be a good friend 😀

and for the first time..i realized: how happy it is to have work. how happy it is to know that i’ll have my own money. how happy it is to know that finally i can help my parents. (^-^)

btw a few weeks ago..i got sick. maybe because of too tired. as i told before..this semester is really tiring. assigments everyday -_- leave home at the morning and back home at the night like a worker .-. it’s also because the distance of my home and my campus is so far… sometimes i wanna try to live at the boarding house near my campus but there’s always a reason which make me cancel it. i think..i’ll go on to be like this. (~.~)

however..i realized that i have to always feel grateful. there’s so many people out there who doesnt get a chance like me. i love my life anyway (eventhough sometimes i said that my life is suck -_-)..i know that im lucky 🙂

p/s: nowadays i feel not confident with my english. after became an english department student, i always feel something like i have a responsibility to use english well. but like u see..maybe there’s grammatical error everywhere on my posts :p:( dont worry..i’ll always learn and learn ><

To Be Better


rasanya kemarin-kemarin pengen cerita banyak deh tapi ditunda terus dan saat mau nulis disini sekarang  entah kenapa malah jadi buyar. semuanya udah berlalu jadi rasanya seperti udah basi kalo aku cerita sekarang… jadi ga gereget aja gitu soalnya emosi saat itu dan saat ini udah ga sama ._. (?) entah gimana ngejelasinnya ==”

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