The Old Days~

“I’m leaving, I’m leaving, I’m leaving, I think as the train wheels roll along, clackety, clackety, clackety. Forever, I think. Going further and further away from divide and the Glen, and those wonderful summers, and all the people who have come to mean most in my life.

But now it’s turned out I was wrong. What I thought I had gained, being accepted after such a long struggle, seems to have vanished. Even if I were to stop at the next station and get on the next Westbound train, I couldn’t get back. There’s no way.

And where am I going? To college, to James, to New York—Istanbul—the whole world? The future is winter, glittering like ice, and how can I make my way into it? Right now I can only cling to summer’s withering edge.

I lean my forehead against the cool September windowpane. The gold strubble-fields of Kansas roll past, lulling my mind, and letting the memories pour in…”

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