Triple Alice In Bandung-Land (?) Lol

i’ve already told ya about my holidays in Bandung in the previous post. now im just going to upload some pics that me and my bestfriends took in there. such a crazy time. we took looots of pics like we’re a model hhahaha. i knew maybe they’ll mad at me if i upload their pics but i cant help… these pics are just too cute to be kept alone lols :p

so, instead of upload all of these pics in FB or anywhere, i prefer to upload it in my blog. not many people knows about this blog anyway 🙂 im so rare to upload pics on blog, so this time just let me do this eh? 😀
















this is just SOME of the pics. still have many pics but i think it’s enough already. i dont want to hurt ur eyes because of too much seeing our pictures btw, lol xD

p/s: im the one in the middle, my hair looks so messy in there, right? -..-


Holidays ♥

hallo pembaca sekalian, apa kabar? ^^ masih menikmati liburan atau sudah bosan bapuk di rumah menanti liburan selesai, kah? #plak :p atau sudah ada yang mulai menjalani aktivitas seperti biasa: masuk sekolah, kuliah, kerja, dsb? atau mungkin ada juga yang sedang siap-siap MOS sekolah atau ospek kampus, ya? 😀

aku masih liburan dong. masuk kuliahnya masih lama, awal september nanti #pamer :p

gimana liburan kalian? semoga menyenangkan dan bermanfaat ya 🙂 liburanku sendiri alhamdulillah berlangsung menyenangkan. walaupun sebagian besar kuhabiskan di rumah, tapi liburan ini enggak berlalu dengan membosankan begitu aja. sebagian hari-hariku diisi dengan canda tawa bersama teman-teman #asik dan InsyaAllah juga diisi dengan kegiatan yang bermanfaat. ikut kegiatan di kampus, silaturahmi ke tempat saudara, hang out bersama teman-teman, bantu-bantu orangtua di rumah (kalo ini sih wajib! hhaha), dll.

terus, belum lama kemarin aku pergi ke Bandung. menghabiskan beberapa hari di sana, di rumah salah satu sahabat dekatku: Ao-Chan.

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The Old Days~

“I’m leaving, I’m leaving, I’m leaving, I think as the train wheels roll along, clackety, clackety, clackety. Forever, I think. Going further and further away from divide and the Glen, and those wonderful summers, and all the people who have come to mean most in my life.

But now it’s turned out I was wrong. What I thought I had gained, being accepted after such a long struggle, seems to have vanished. Even if I were to stop at the next station and get on the next Westbound train, I couldn’t get back. There’s no way.

And where am I going? To college, to James, to New York—Istanbul—the whole world? The future is winter, glittering like ice, and how can I make my way into it? Right now I can only cling to summer’s withering edge.

I lean my forehead against the cool September windowpane. The gold strubble-fields of Kansas roll past, lulling my mind, and letting the memories pour in…”

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