Why Do We (I) Love Harry Potter

There was an odd moment when I mentioned one of the most popular and favorite characters in Harry Potter to my boyfriend and he didn’t even have a single clue about who it was.

“…just like Hermione.”

“Who is Hermione?” said he, and there were about three blinks of eyes of me trying to process what I just heard.


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You Are The Apple of My Eye :’)

Credit Pictures and Story:

You Are The Apple of My Eye Movie.


Kali ini aku mau membahas kisah cintanya Chia-Yi dan Ko-Teng dalam sebuah film berjudul You Are The Apple of My Eye: Salah satu film yang mampu meninggalkan kegalauan luar biasa untukku setelah menontonnya :’)

Padahal, ini bukan film sedih. Entahlah, mungkin karena aku paham sekali perasaan tokoh-tokohnya…

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