Why Do We (I) Love Harry Potter

There was an odd moment when I mentioned one of the most popular and favorite characters in Harry Potter to my boyfriend and he didn’t even have a single clue about who it was.

“…just like Hermione.”

“Who is Hermione?” said he, and there were about three blinks of eyes of me trying to process what I just heard.


“Are you joking? She’s Harry’s friend.”


“Harry Potter! You really don’t know?” (arrr 😡)

“Ah, Harry Potter. I know, I just don’t know all friends of Harry or all the characters in the movie, I’m not a fan of Harry Potter,” he said (again) innocently.

Okay, maybe you could use that argument for the other characters like Peeves (who didn’t show up in the movies but in the books), or Gilderoy Lockhart, or Percy (and I would still forgive you if it is about Malfoy). But this shouldn’t be a case for Hermione. She’s just like Harry, the main character of the movie itself. She has always been with Harry since the very beginning until the very end… how can you don’t know? (😑)

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So his question led me to the fact that he has never watched Harry Potter before. Any of Harry Potter movies, yeah. Let me repeat it: He hasn’t watched ANY of HARRY POTTER movies! Could you believe it?

And so in that very second, I made a promise to myself that I must make him watch all of Harry Potter movies, from the first to the eighth, with me. (😌)

Oh, but that’s not the main topic here. Now I actually want to talk about Harry Potter and how it got to be a kind of fantasy story everybody wishes for, more than so many fantasy stories available in this world. Okay, I’m exaggerating (but at least that’s what it does to me).

Is it the characters? Is it the plot of the story? Is it the conflicts and the climax? Is it the J.K. Rowling’s masterpiece writing and how she made the series so fit together and enjoyable? Or is it the world of Harry Potter itself?

It’s hard to decide which one is the main reason of why people love Harry Potter. But here I randomly have an idea of that “why”.

: It is the feeling. It is the warm feeling everybody could get every time they watch Harry Potter. There are so many heart-warming characters and events in Harry Potter. Most importantly, Harry Potter always have a heart-warming ending. Do you realize?

A heart-warming ending or a happy ending; an ending that everybody wishes for. In Harry Potter, the good always beats the bad. It wasn’t easy, Harry and his friends were struggling really hard in here–there were moments when everything around them was falling apart and finding a good end seemed impossible–but you see? They were always won in the end.

Everyone then cheers for it, everyone feels a sense of relief in it, everyone happy to watch it.

Even so, you need to notice that J.K Rowling is still fair with the bad comes. We still can cry and feel the anger when watching Harry Potter: that’s when Dobby died, Dumbledore died, Fred died, Sirius died, Lupin and his wife died, Snape died (with the surprising facts about him related to Harry and his mother), and many more sad facts… *teary eyes. 😥

I don’t know how is it to you, but I’m just happy to know them (the characters in Harry Potter). They made me see that the “sacrifice for the loved one” is real, and true friends do exist, and how life is an adventure, and how we need to fight for love and all the goodness, and we are all will be happy in the end.

But the magic world, indeed, is also the reason why I love Harry Potter. I want in. 😦

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I do think J.K Rowling is extremely genius in creating such ideas. How did she write so good and think of ALL the single things in Harry Potter so thoughtfully? Even the names and each magic spell has a meaning. And she collaborated the stories in a good-hella eight movies (or seven books) which resulted in a fascinating ending.

OK, every people have their own opinion and above is merely just mine. 😛

However, I’m so happy that I have made my boyfriend agreed to watch all the Harry Potter series with me. A few days ago, we watched the first Harry Potter movie and I enjoyed it very much when I watched him enjoyed the movie. Yes, instead of watching the movie with him, I’d rather watch him and see his reaction to the movie (even though I ended up fell asleep in his arms).

harry potter

image source: @harrypottercast (instagram)

Later that night:

“Do you like it?”

“Yes, that’s pretty good.”

“That’s not good but great!”

“Yeah, but I don’t like the ending. There were too many events in the movie, but the ending just like that. I think the ending did not match the climax.”

“It’s a movie, not a book. There are too many scenes cut out from the movie, including the details of the ending.”

“But I think that’s also too short. I didn’t feel like watching…”

“That means you enjoyed it. You didn’t realize that you spent two hours staring at the screen–without a blink,” I told him with the ‘please just say yes’ kind of look.

And he smiled.


You Are The Apple of My Eye :’)

Credit Pictures and Story:

You Are The Apple of My Eye Movie.


Kali ini aku mau membahas kisah cintanya Chia-Yi dan Ko-Teng dalam sebuah film berjudul You Are The Apple of My Eye: Salah satu film yang mampu meninggalkan kegalauan luar biasa untukku setelah menontonnya :’)

Padahal, ini bukan film sedih. Entahlah, mungkin karena aku paham sekali perasaan tokoh-tokohnya…

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